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Based in South Wales
Red Dragon Design is multi-talented web design and development company that offers the full web package of: web design, front-end development, back-end development, on-site search engine optimisation and off-site search engine optimisation.

In todays faced paced internet age it is no longer sufficient to just have a website, a website in today’s day and age is as important (if not more) as having a business card. Often, your website will be the first point of contact with potential clients – and if it’s not, then potentially you may be losing business.

Having a website proffesionally designed and developed is critical, with so much competition from other websites, it is important to take more than just an aesthetically pleasing approach. We will help to identify all of the key elements for a successful website in your sector and help you to achieve a truly outstanding web site design.

Whether it is simply to provide your contact details or to sell products, a website is one of the most financially efficient methods of promoting yourself.

Simply put - what we do is look and listen
we look at you - as either an individual or a business, understand what it is your are looking to achieve with your web pressence and listen to what your aspirations are.

We study your target audience and your business area, what content you want included in the website as well as your expectations of what the website will do.

We work closely with you and provide updates regularly so that you can achieve exactly what you want while harnessing our expertise and skills.

What we do best is give you a one stop product for your web development needs, from concept, through design & development to finished product