Services OverviewContent Management System (CMS)

Accurate and current content is essential for an engaging website. Most of Creo’s clients would like to achieve this goal of fresh content without any ongoing outside assistance. To meet this need, Creo has implemented a variety of content management solutions. These solutions provide clients with the ability to maintain and update their site’s content, typically through a browser.

From the CMS our clients are able to:

  • Add and edit text and images
  • Create online forms
  • Manage their website title, meta tags and meta description
  • Upload external documents such as PDF and link to them
  • View statistics for their site and more

The most beautiful, compelling and easy-to-use interface is pointless if the technologies on which it is based are not robust, scalable and performant. Creo recognises that technology is the most important element of any solution.

We recognise that the need for websites to be constantly kept up to date can be a problem for a number of clients who do do not have the resources or skillbase to be able to develop their websites in-house. In order to provide our clients with a website which not only has a professionally built front but also the back-end structure to be able to instantly update text and images via the internet Creo has developed a content management system which is easy to use, accesible via a client login area from any web browser anywhere in the world and requires no knowledge of html from the user.