Services OverviewWebsite Maintenance / Updates Service

We can update and maintain your existing website while keeping it the same or improving the standard of the website.

There will be time when your site will have to be updated. The simplest and most cost effective way to do this is for you to upload this new information to your web space. However you may lack the necessary skills, do not have the time or just want someone else to take over the hassle. In that case we can complete your updates as necessary. We can also train your staff to complete them if required.

Most companies charge a monthly fee for this but we have found that many people do not take full advantage to the update time that they are paying for, for our standard update charge is an hourly rate split into 15 minute intervals for all updates that we do. This way you, the customer only pays for the work that is done.

Maintenance Prices
Updating content £55.00 per hour
Adding, Editing and deleting text £55.00 per hour
Scanning images & Editing Images £55.00 per hour
Creating additional images £55.00 per hour
Uploading content £55.00 per hour
Converting Word documents to Adobe Acrobat £20.00 per document
Adding additional pages £25.00 per page
All prices exclude VAT