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The first goal during the initial stages of a web design project is to achieve a design that appeals to the client’s needs, is visually stimulating and will captivate the visitor enough for them to stay a while and delve into the content.

Recent studies have revealed that it takes as little as 50 milliseconds for a browser to decide whether they like a site and for them to drill down further. So if your site doesn’t grab the visitor’s attention

From start to finish, we'll get a website up and running for you. This is the complete deal, which includes design, domain setup (, email setup, and multiple pages. All you need to do is sit back and relax, and occasionally nod your head in agreement with our design team.

A web site that is truly successful needs to meet all the following:

  • Clearly shows what your company has to offer
  • If the company offers a large number of products/services the most important should be prominently displayed
  • The site's navigation(s) need to be intuitive (you'd be surprised at some of the navigations we've seen)
  • Points of contact need to be clearly visible
  • Points of sales need to be simplistic and intuitive
  • Site should not be cluttered with useless or marginal information
  • Text should be inviting to read

It might sound simple, but how many sites do you see that encompass the above aspects while looking good at the same time?

We do however understand that not all web sites need to meet some/all of these aspects - some sites need to be more art than sales.

We only develop custom web sites; we tailor build every aspect of a site so our clients get a unique finish .